mumbai trip

delhi to mumbai via flight. then from airport to chakhla metro station via auto.. here autowalas will stand in line in front of airport and minimum fare for autowala is 18 rupees.  go by meter rating only. for metro station they will ask more money but dont listen to them. from chakhla to ghatkopar i travelled in metro then ghatkopar to thane i travellled in fast local, then from thane to rabale again in local. from rabale sumit was there to pick me up.

timing in mumbai local is very accurate and only 15 rupees for one long route if you travelled through 2nd class.

on the same day i visited the reliance corporate park near rabale , a 500 acre area where all maintained buildings are there.

next day i had exam on churchgate,  i had planning to go by 6.45 but unfortunatelly i woke up at 7.30 and arrived rabale station at 8 am. but within 1 hour i reached the munbai cst. i took local from rabale to thane than thane to mumbai cst. i arrived at 9.15.

exam was good. they asked about VR,ML, and artificial intelligence and internet of things etc. then we visited gateway of india and marine drive on the same day. we met with sahil ahmed .my 1st year roommatee in collage. on 3nd july i was in room only and at night we gone for a transformer movie. on 4th july i had a plan to go to lonavla. i booked 2S from mumbai to lonavla and visited that place. that place is very beautiful. after khandala you will get lonavala.  i visited bhushi dam. from station to bhushi dam autowala took 40 rupees i spend 2 hour there then i gone for lions point which was 6 to 7 km from the bhushi dam. i asked autowalas but the were asking 400 rupees. they i started walking towards the lions point. and also tried for the lift. after 8 to 10 attempts a maruti 800 came up and they land me there at lions point. i spend 1 hour and took some very beautiful picture. then i decided to come back. again i started trying for lift and then a family car was there who gave me lift. and by conversation we got to know that they were also going to mumbai so they offer me whether i want to go to station or want to go directly to the mumbai with them, then i said it will be helpfull for me if u people give me lift for the mumbai. then i came to mumbai from lonavla through toyota etios with them. they dropped me at khandeshvar local station. i took local from khandeshvar to rabale. but in between one ladies was there with me who forgot her purse in that same car so i had to give her 150 rupees for the auto and railway ticket.

on 5th i rested whole day and at 7.55 i had train from panvel to delhi. i reached at 7.30 but i was waiting in plateform number 7 and train came 5 minute before at plateform number 5 so i missed the train. train was goa sampark kranti but announcement was for the madgaon sampark kranti. then i came back to therabale and then i thought of 4 to 5 research topic at that same night i slept at 4.30am, and on next day i booked the tatkal ticket from bandra terminus to the h nizamuddin. train was at night 12.05


new tax system from 1 july 2017.

shopping-VAT TAX

movie- entertainmnet tax

if any service provided-then service tax

import-custom duty tax

for above all 1 single tax gst will be applied.

already applied in 160 countary.

type of GST-


2. State government GST


taxes==> taxes=

  • Imposed on the person itself
  • directly paid to the governmnt like income tax

2.indirect tax=

  • imposed on the goods and services
  • paid indirectly to the government,like you go for dinner to some restaurent and paid bill there that bill included the tax which the restaurent owner has to give to the government so you are ultimately paying taxes to the government.

it has two type

  1. central government indirect tax
  • Excise duty=on the goods produced and manufactured in india
  • service tax=on the provision of services
  • central sales tax(CST)=on interstate sale of good
  • custom duty=on import and export of the good
  1. state government indirect tax
  • Value added tax(VAT)=on the sales within the states
  • entertainment tax=on movies etc
  • luxury tax=imposed on the luxury hotels
  • octroi/entry tax=on the entry to the state


GST=indirect tax, hence direct tax will be same no effect on the income tax etc

two parts of GST

1.central GST

2.state GST

adcvantage of GST

  • remove all major indirect tax
  • remove cascadiing of tax,or tax on tax= when goods go from one place to another then every time tax will be there so tax will be imposed both on original price and tax itself.
  • blackmoney can be eliminated
  • one india one market
  • seemless flow of truck=you have seen trucks to stand in line=nearly 16% time is spend on the toll pass, some manufacturer does not sell goods to other states because of this taxes
  • at present a bussiness man has to register himself with the various tax authorities and maintain different papers for different tax. after GST he has to maintain only one paper for GST.


rates of GST=

  • 4 GST slabs are there=5%,12%,18%,28%
  • essential item(food grains) will be at 0%
  • 5% is for commonly used items
  • 12% and 18% will be two standard rates for GST
  • 28% will be on luxury items
  • cost of good will reduce but cost of service will increase overall rates will be slightely decreasing
  • on alcohol,tobacco,petrolium products and tax on electricity bills, no GST will be there. this will retain there current tax structure

north east india

mind set of people

tribal area

main land what think about north east we think as the peripheral area of relatively liitle significant to mainland, violence, insurgency, backward, most indian dont think, modern and glamour world did not let us think.

most beaytiful place,most wondefull people, but it has problem, the problem is not that people of north east are ignorrant about the india but the true thing is that people of mainland are ignorrant about the north east.

myths about the north east— no other part which is statically more important than north east. it has 2.6lack km square area. 4500km international boundary and 27km with india. chicken neck. huge area

15000km total land frontierr which has 35% for north india. it has border with 4 important country with china, disputed border. emerging power and possible threat to us. in economic term in staatistic term as a competitor in asia. 1st people who defend this are are north east.

myanamar ,bangladesh.

this is area with great security are for india. this is a are a which will make good relation with foreiner.

huge opportunity,huge forest cover, huge potential

powerfull soil for harticulture floriculture.

we have wrong perception about that people. most hardworking adaptable learner than any other part. mugal army were defeted 15 times by there homeking. they are bavest people. recently in kargil war they prooved there bravery.

very good in articulation. if they get opportunity then they will do much better than others. see the sports man coming from there they are of high potential. in next 10 year it will be most fast growing area.

try to make them in Indian mainstream try to bridge that gap.

unfortunate part is ppl who live in tribal area they interact very less. either they meet with soldiers or the marvadi person or the immigrant. bcz they dont know how to do agriculture so migrant came.

when they come Bangalore Delhi then how they feel. how Indian behave with those person, they are very innocent people. huge are .ppl of India go to Thailand and other place but how many have gone to north east area. nothing can beat the natural beauty,

security situation in that area has some misconceptions , not that insecure. let us tell the people that that is a beautiful place.

conections was trade and marriage .

we worship the sun and sunrises in the east. the sun touches indian soil first in the north east

purana dharma ye kahta tha ki jo ishvar me vishwas nahi karta wo nastik hai par naya dharma ye kahta hai ki jo khud me ishwas ni karta wo nastik hai.3

what is relevent to me may be not fully relevent to you  depends upon your background your thinking and all bit is in same direction


80% money was demonetized, Indian people waiting for re monetizing

barter was used in initial day . they exchange things according to their demand but that was not the solution always so currency came into picture

agriculture mostly depend on nagad currency

India already seen it before also, in 11 January 1946

16 january 1978

8  november 2016 at evening 8pm

indian government ussed it again aginst terrorism,black money and duplicate money,

black money is that money which is aquirred illegally or money in which no taxes has been paid,suppose i took any payment from sombody but i dont want to declare it because it is illegal or i dont want to pay tax on it.

according to some economist it will control corruption,terrorism,reduce the interest rate, when capital cost will reduce then purchase power of people will increase, then there will be increase in demand, then supply chain will rotate and employment will also increase.

effect after demonitisation– nagad me diye jane wale bhugtan nahi ho ske.

assam has 800 tea estate and approx 700000 worker will do, 169 per day per person, half are womens, they will pay in week or 15 days, but due to demonetisation payment was difficult, so they suggest them to open bank account for each. but they have to go to the city to open a bank account and this was not the solution because their all paymnet will be gone in that case so government of india tried to reach to the people they started to open thae bank account number based on their aadhar identitty number(12 digit). aadhar card givees a unique identity number based on biometric and geographic information of the person. this is used to check the uniqueness of a person.

they open up the bank account and also provided mini atm based on there fingerprint.

in 1935 RBI comes into the picture which has a job to control the flow of money. newly printed currency were small in size as compare to before so it was necessory to recalibrate the all the ATMs. there are more than 2lacs ATM  which has to be recalibrated as soon as possible.

to recalibrate there was 3 stages–

  1. the casets in which money can be stored in atm machine has to be reduced according to the new currency size.
  2. atm has to reprogram in software section and eliminate the 1000 option and add 2000 option
  3. all the atms has to be activate from the centre data bas                                                                  most of the transactions are nagad based including transport, real estate and and restauront

when demonetisation happened in india then there was a season of marriage in india so people spent less on sajawat, cattering, jwellaries etc.

CURRENCY ARE PRINTED IN 4 PRINTING PRESSES IN COUNTARY nasik(mh),devas(mP),mysuru(karnataka), salboni(west bangal). from here they send currency to RBI then from there they send it to the ATM.

It was not a easy task to remonetise the worlds 6th largest economy. demonetisation gives a option of the cashless economy people were using also but after the remonetisation again cash came into market so people are again using the cash for there transaction. lets see if india can become an cashless economy or not


naxalite problem

chhattisgarh, jharkhand, odisa, mp, aandhrapradesh, maharastra.

they use normal village people to merge with there gang so that they can use them as a shield to protect themself. people from village join there group in fear. they use women to cook and also police can not suspect them. whoever will help police and government they dont have to live, this is there moto.

6 april 2010 ,76 crpf killed

but why they hate police and government?

in 1967 in west bangal a group started to fight for the poor people , but latter they diverted from there aim and they started fighting against police and government violently.

in 2009 operation green hunt was the name of action taken by central government, in this central paramilitary force with the state police force will do the strike against the moist in the state. COBRA and CRPF would do the job where cobra will lead the team. but in response to this action naxalite did massive attack on crpf and killed many more crpf officers