First odi between india and Australia

One new bowler came from Australia and top 5 batsman were out within 100 runs.

Virat and manish were gone for duck this means that even top batsman of the world can not do very goos of he will not do homework for anything new coming.

Everything depends upon your practice thats it.


Laptop repair due to water

1. Learned to open my laptop completely in 1000.

2.when water drops in laptop and mobile then 1st thing to do is open the battery immediately and wait for dry it up. Because when ot is on then there might be a chance of short circuit in the laptop which will damage the internal circuitry.

3. For servicing of laptop they will take minimum 500 .

4. There was a short in 6 pins in laptop touchpad for which they charged 1000 this was too high but we did not had any option

5.ask other shop owners also to fix that problem and ask for what they will charge




control lab

1.when load increases then current drawn will also increase

2. for process control in one stup you have to on the internal disturbance in 2 level control and put it off in one of them for 2 level control

3. in linear system simulator you have to add negative gain amplifier to make the negative feedback system according to the number of gain box in the setup

4.overlap will give the number of threshold value,if it is zero than one threshold value and if it is non zero than one upper and one lower threshold value will be there. and incresing threshold value will increase the distace between this two. process control system make the invert to on then take readings. can check the probe by connecting to the voltage source (square) on the CRO itself.

7.take transfer lag and transport lag for different speed.

8. for triangular wave take time gap between the two peaks.

sadhguru with karan

pandemic==>prevalent over a whole country or the world.(mahamari)




nonetheless==>phir bhi

sanity==>mental health



turmoil==>uthal puthal





jargon==>shabd jal

schizophrenia==>a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

psychiatrist(solution for schizophrenia)


exorcist==>ojha, jadu dene wala(solution for possessed)


abandon==>tyag dena ya chhod dena


  1. float with your legs insight from the outside
  2. while jumping join both legs with force
  3. while throwing the ball use palm not fingers and through like swinging the ball,not very up side but horizontally. you can throu so that it will bounce in water
  4. to take rest take long breath and release inside the water

Teachers day 5 sept 2017

it was on 4th September 2017 when we had the onam celebration with my Kerala friends. the lunch was supposed to be start from the 2pm . and the planning was to go to the lunch and after that we had the nonlinear control class of bhasin sir which is the one of the best class in IIT delhi control and automation. but due to delay lunch started at 4.30pm and we had to miss the class of bhasin sir . and after that our phd seniors planned to celebrate teachers day and they told to shantak and sanjeev about it. so they called us and we reached the control lab by 5;30 pm. then they told me to make something for the teachers they were just telling me to make some invitation card for the faculties.

initially i was like i will not give my time in this but within half hour i decided that if these people are believing in me thats why they are telling me….and if i will not do it then who will??

i can bring a change here i will make it…then at 6 pm i told them that i will make e.invitation and we will take print out of it and give them as the invitation. and i left the lab by saying that i am going to start my work. and directly went to the library and spent 1 hour time to decide about the invitation card thing was very clear that it will be a surprising for them all. i searched the youtube video and found some ideas but that was time taking .i really wanted to make all those but i had limited time to complete my task.

so i googled about the e invitation in google and found one website . where templates were there for various invitation. i just started making the templates there using the photos of the faculty and then i did all this till 12 o clock at night and i thought that if we will give just a printout of this then it will not be that good so why cant we frame it and give them as a memento. because this will stay with them for the lifetime. and in the night i tell about my plan to shantak than he told that it will be ok . but he was not knowing about the framing of the photo and all so he told me to do it by my own. but the problem was that next day i had swimming practice from morning 6 to 7 then i had 2 class then after that i had TA duty also so my entire day was pack. but i thought that i will make it happen no matter what,if i have to miss the class then i will miss it for teachers no problem at all.

next morning i went to ber sarai and munirka to find a frame for that and after some struggle i found a shop where i got 7 frame 100 rs each .then i took printout and made that all photos with my hand only i dont wanted for anybody to help me for that purpose,

i came to lab at 4.30 pm and everybody was very very happy with my work everybody told me that i have done an amazing work they were apprecited my throughout the event. and arnov sir who was a phd student was anchoring the event mentioned my name in front of the whole department and everybody including the faculty clapped for me. it was an awesome feeling that time . faculties also liked that gift very much because there were not any event like this before. i will remember this teacher day for my lifetime with lots of learning with me.

what i have learned from the day-

  1. if you have any talent then show this to the world, share it with the people around you.
  2. if you do something good then its satisfaction level is uncomparable
  3. everybody likes appreciation no matter what so appreciate others for there good work in unique way so that they will remember you for the lifetime
  4.  i will give thank you latter to some of the people in india for there good work in unique way,,may be in same way as the memento for this faculty because this will motivate them to do good work and ultimatelly it will benefits the society itself and with onky 120 rupees.
  6. take responsibility for something to do.
  7. people will try there best to take credit hence do it all with yourself only because you are very much capable of doing that
  8. photo frame size was 5*7 inches so make portrait according to that only.
  9. in next teachers day perform a song with the guitar and small emotional speech


new TD


Rally for rivers

a land is identified as a soil if it hase atleast 2% of organic content. we are farming sugarcane and that is using this organic content of the soil. many states including punjab and haryana has land which has less than 0.05% of organic content.

we are taking out the organic content but not giving it back to the soil. the process by which this organic contect can be increased is by the waste of the animals and the leaf of the trees. trees are gone and animals are being sold as the meat. so in near future all the land will become desert.

we must save the rivers because this are the way we can save the soil and organic content in it.

DFO interview experince

the reporting time was 9 am so i reached the dadar by 8.30 and did my breakfast there and went out from the dadar station and i was was being nevigated by the google map to the interview venue then there was flower market outside the dadar station which smell very good at the morning.


after some time i got an taxi(maruti ritz) and he lended me to the interview venue.

they gave a page to write down the resume in about 15 lines then the CPT started at 10 am and i wrote down whatever they have asked . i searched for the canteen there and found one but they were only giving full meal and that was beyond my capability so i went outside and searched for something to eat and i met up with one dabeli wala there and bought 2 dabeli and that was sufficint for that time . at the same time i talked to rupesh and he give me some advice and some latest news of current affairs that can be asked in the interview, that topic covers the doklam issue and about the new president of india ramnathkovind and some general issue. then we waited so long for the interview and they send back some of the candidates of mumbai because interview was not going to end in single day.

and i had my train on the same evening so i along with some other people got preference for the onterview and my interview started around 6.30 pm

  1. do you know any programming language, if yes then why you have not written here in the section given? answered
  2. what is inheritance in the c++? dont know
  3. what do you know about the fibre optics tell us? answered
  4. what is the difference between packet switching and circuit switching? dont know
  5. what is the work of a router? answered
  6. in which osi layer it is used? answered
  7. tell us about the basics of the communication? answered
  8. what is QAM? answered
  9. from where you have done your you are doing your form iit delhi so will you join it if you get selected?answered
  10. in december placement session will start in iit delhi so if you will get some higher package then you will leave this job?answered
  11. you are selected now answer me?because we dont want to waste any post
  12. this is all india service then you will get posting in mumbai delhi and may be we will ssend you to the gowahati side will you have any problem?answered
  13. tell me about your family background?answered
  14. what content you have developed in the gate academy?answered

second trip to mumbai

it was 17 august 2017 in the iit Delhi campus . i have to go to the Mumbai to attend an interview for the post of deputy field officer in the cabinet secretariat govt of India. interview schedule was at morning 9 am at the dadar Mumbai.

i attended all the lecture except the nonlinear control in the evening because i had to make some correction in my resume , i made some mistake in that and last date for document verification was in 28 august so anyhow i had to give more priority to that resume part. hence i did that till evening and after that i came to the hostel and started packing the things which i wanted to take with me to the Mumbai. i did my dinner and went out to book some uber cab through my brother rupesh wallet so that i can get some 50 rupees off on the first ride and for this i wasted some important time .

at 8 o’clock i decided to go by the metro but it was too late and my train was at 9.30 from the hazarat nizamuddin. i got an auto that will drop me at the hauz khas metro station then i thought tha why cant i book this auto for the entire journey to the hazarat nizamuddin and i asked him if he will go the station and he agrees but he told that he will charge some 150 rupees and i told no problem because i did nit had any other option that time. but in between i got stucked in traffic and for a while i thought that it will not be possible for me to reach the station at 9.30 pm. i was very scared but somehow traffic jam gets clear and i started praying that please god for this time make it clear and believe me it was like a magic, god was with me always that time i rarely stuck at any signal that time and i reached to the station at 9 pm. i thanked the auto walas and started my journey .

and then next evening at 6 pm i reached the bandra terminus of Mumbai and from there i had to go to the dadar then thane and then rabale. i took ticket from the bandra terminus and followed the procedure and by 7 oclock i reached at the bhoomi palace flat number 203 ghansoli navi Mumbai. and after some time sumit and his roommates came after that we discussed about the future plans and about his ms, and by late night i slept and woke up early in the morning and got ready by 6.45 am. and i took local at 7 am from ghansoli to dadar and i reached the exam venue by the time 8.30 am. then there was CPT and after that i had given my interview that all happened by the evening 7 pm. and i did my dinner and took local for the dadar station and made a big mistake that time.

my train was from Mumbai central but i was so happy that i thought it is from the CST and i took local for the CST and by the 9 pm i reached the CST. then i realized my mistake and i was totally feeling stupid that time because my train was at 9.25 pm from the Mumbai central and i was at CST at 9 pm. i had only 25 minutes left in which i had t o go to the Mumbai central station. fortunately i got a fast local from the CST to dadar and i reached  dadar at 9.10 pm from there i got a local at 9.14 pm which landed me to the Mumbai central at 9.23 pm. i was in a rush because i dont wanted to miss my train second time . i was runing on the platform everybody was thinking that what happened to me but fortunately i reached the platform number 1 by 9.25 pm. i was running and train started and suddenly i jumped to the S5 as it was close to me that time and my seat was in the S7 67 then finally i reached my palace . i was very happy that time . that happiness i can not explain because i did not missed the train second time from the same palace, because one time mistake is allowed but if you do same mistake second time then it is stupidity nothing else.