problem is that there are F matrix which has 12 elements and one S matrix which has 10 rows. and according to the maximum element of F, elements of S should be adjusted. means this number should be same for the both.


thats why there is index exceed matrix dimension is occuring.

F has more number of elements because initially it stored some numbers of elemnets then there should be elimination of elements in S. so dimension of S will decrease but F has same dimension. so solution for this problem is that every time reset the F variable. but when resetting, then we cant eneter the interval in to it bcz it again shows the error that conversion from interval to double is not possible. so any how i have to reset the F. then problem will be solved.


finally problem solved  🙂

according to the location found in I_elim i was removing the elements in S, but after removal of the elements, location of desired elements also changes. as if it was in 5th location then after removal of 1 element it will move to 4th location. this problem should be considered. after adjusting the elimination location also , i solved the problem