Challenge others

Challenge people if they are doing or making some hawa me bate type things.

Challenge them at that time only…it will help you to give a push so that you will get accelerated.


There is nothing like hardwork

We have to do our duty…that’s it…but unfortunately people consider this thing as hard work….no you are not working hard…whatever duty is assigned to u is sufficient, and you can execute it with your ability in a very simple manner….

If you are working hard at any point of time then definitely you have not done your duty earlier. This is for sure….

Many people are not able to perform there own duty…this is pathetic one….and by doing this they are degrading their life quality as well as capability..

If your office timing is 9 am and if you are coming at 9am then you will get award for that…for doing your own duty you are getting awards….

This things can be justified by seeing peoples in government sector…if in government sector some people are doing there job without much excuse then he is great…because in private sector you can not do this because they have to do deliberately otherwise they have to search for other company….

But why this is happening to we people and what is the solution for this??

This is happening because we feel we are different from one another, my family is this and his family is that…this is my state this is my country…we forgot that we are human beings…so be happy And don’t do such thing directly or indirectly which will hurt someone today or in future….if you just consider this simple thing in your mind then you will not do injustice with the organization or sector by not doing your duty well.

Ammu’s birthday night discussion

mijaz=agr tum immortal hone ka option mile to kya kroge?

shantakk=nahi lunga because jaisi life hai waisi chalne do etc

waise v tum exercise karte ho to tm jyada zinda rhoge mere me uric acid jyada hai nad all.

mijaz=pehle main bht fruit and vegitable khata tha sham ka rituals hi tha ki koi seasonal fruit khana hai but ab dekho rat ko 3 4 bje tk jag rhe hai and night mess me kha rhe hai…q na agli bar se bday party ko more healthy banaya jaye

shantak=bus ab ho gya ye hmara last tha iske bad ab kuch ni…project ka tnsn hai bht ab

mijaz=project ko bht seriously and tnsn me le rhe ho kya

shantak= tmne dekha nahi hai wo kaise bat krte hai mere se

me= uska reason hoga,,,qki sabse waise bat ni krte..

shantak=qki hamne kam ni kiya tha…dada intelligent hai and kam v krta hai sanjeev intelligent nahi hai but kam krta hai hum intelligent hai but kam nahi krte

me=but tm intelligent ho na ho agr kam ni kr rhe to waste hai..and intelligent hota kya hai kaise bol skte ho ki wo intelligent hai wo ni hai…ye totally depend krta hai ki tmhe bachpan se training kaisi mili hai…agr sahi training mili hai kisi chhiz ke liye to usme achcha perform kroge and intelligent kehlaoge otherwise nahi

shantak=nahi aisa nahi hota kuch log hote hi hai aise, sabka alg2 hota hai,dada coaching nahi kiya tha phr v laya rank

me=but usne pdhai ki na…usne jo requirement thi usko fullfill kiya na to isiliye laya…proper training ki sahi direction me….tm agr IIT Jee ni nikal paye iska matlab ye thodi na hai ki jo nikala hai wo intelligent hai…agr tmhe v training milti 8th se to shayad tm v nikal lete….

shantak=hmne coaching ki but 254 aaya gate me….

me=phr second time kya kiye ki 80 aaya…kuch to improve kiye hoge na to usi ko proper training bol rha hu…q ni kr paye tm sare test series attend jabki wo to basic requirement hoti hai….

shantak=to log rapist q bante hai phr aatankwadi q bante hai

me= qki unhe aisa mahol milta hai jane anjane me…jo unka train krta hai..

shantak=to phr 9 sec me race jeet jata hai and kuch log usi ko 11 sec lgate hai….to phr agr training se kch hota to phr wo v 9 sec me jeet jata

me=kaise pta tmne ki dono ko same training mili hai and dono k mind me same chhiz chal rhi hai? 11 sec me jeet rha hai to v kch bura nahi hai

shantak=to phr scintist ka beta scientist banna chahiye…q ni banta

me=qki use kisi ne banane ki kosis ni ki

shantak=tm drawing krte ho tm hi kr skte ho…main ni…to sbka alg2 hota hai

me=m kr skta hu qki bachpan se m kr rha hu….tm abhi sidhe krna suru kroge and obviously nahi hoga to phr bologe tm ni kr skte…tm abhi se 1 sal training le lo,,,tm v waise banana suru kr doge…




learning in 74 rupees

when you have to give print on both side of the paper then either tell them to give the print or make some more setting on printer because there may be a chance that they will print but on just opposite side so that is of no use and u can not blame them for all that. so if u tell them to do so then u can say that you have done a mistake

Laptop repair due to water

1. Learned to open my laptop completely in 1000.

2.when water drops in laptop and mobile then 1st thing to do is open the battery immediately and wait for dry it up. Because when ot is on then there might be a chance of short circuit in the laptop which will damage the internal circuitry.

3. For servicing of laptop they will take minimum 500 .

4. There was a short in 6 pins in laptop touchpad for which they charged 1000 this was too high but we did not had any option

5.ask other shop owners also to fix that problem and ask for what they will charge




control lab

1.when load increases then current drawn will also increase

2. for process control in one stup you have to on the internal disturbance in 2 level control and put it off in one of them for 2 level control

3. in linear system simulator you have to add negative gain amplifier to make the negative feedback system according to the number of gain box in the setup

4.overlap will give the number of threshold value,if it is zero than one threshold value and if it is non zero than one upper and one lower threshold value will be there. and incresing threshold value will increase the distace between this two. process control system make the invert to on then take readings. can check the probe by connecting to the voltage source (square) on the CRO itself.

7.take transfer lag and transport lag for different speed.

8. for triangular wave take time gap between the two peaks.

sadhguru with karan

pandemic==>prevalent over a whole country or the world.(mahamari)




nonetheless==>phir bhi

sanity==>mental health



turmoil==>uthal puthal





jargon==>shabd jal

schizophrenia==>a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

psychiatrist(solution for schizophrenia)


exorcist==>ojha, jadu dene wala(solution for possessed)


abandon==>tyag dena ya chhod dena


  1. float with your legs insight from the outside
  2. while jumping join both legs with force
  3. while throwing the ball use palm not fingers and through like swinging the ball,not very up side but horizontally. you can throu so that it will bounce in water
  4. to take rest take long breath and release inside the water